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What is a Maestro bike made of?


We work on a classic frame with track geometry: horizontal dropouts for a perfect chain tension, shorter chainstays and straight blades fork reduce the overall bike wheel-to-wheel clearance, allowing for more direct road feeling, full control over the bike and superior manoeuvrability. Just because they have a stiffer frame, someone says track bikes are more nervous: we believe they are simply more honest and at the same time easier to handle. We use steel tubes for our frames, because steel is incredibly resistant, it makes you feel the road but it also gives you good elasticity and cushioning and, even more important, it is the only material in the bicycle industry that stood the test of time. If necessary, it can be repaired, unlike carbon or other composite, more expensive materials.
We hand-braze our frames using a traditional lugs construction for a very clean result and a classic, timeless design. The straight blades of the fork are micro-fused to the crown. The bottom bracket is slightly higher compared to a normal road bike for additional safety in case you ride with fixed gear.
All frames are numbered and we offer you a free service to register your frame online (“Register your maestro” section). This gives you additional chances against thieves and makes your bike unique and always recognizable.
A Maestro frame only weighs 3,95 Kgs. (size 56)
Maestro frames’ sizes are calculated center-to-center, that is, the distance between the center of the bottom bracket and the center of the intersection with the top tube.
For you to know your ideal frame size, the classical procedure is the following:
  • Stand barefoot, your feet approx. 20 cms/8”from each other and your back against the wall, and measure the distance of your groin from the floor with the help of a set square;

  • Multiply that distance by 0,65 to get the correct size frame. For instance, if the distance is 86 cms: 86 x 0,65 = 55,9, your correct frame size is 56.

More simply, you can choose your Maestro size frame among the 3 available (52, 56, 60) based on your height:
160-170 cms or 5’2-5’7: size 52
170-180 cms or 5’7-5’11: size 56
180-190 cms or 5’11-6’3: mis. 60
For heights overlapping the above groups, we recommend you pick the lower frame size (170 cms -5’7: size 52; 180 cms – 5’11: size 56). Further adjustments to adapt the bike to your preferences can be done by fine-tuning the height of the stem and the seat tube.
Cicli Maestro frames are powder-coated: after a sandblasting treatment, the frame is washed to clean traces of grease or oil. Coating is applied with a spray gun that imparts a negative electric charge to the powder, thus allowing it to stick to the frame, which is then sent to an oven and exposed to a temperature of 180°C: at this temperature coating starts to melt and polymerizes, turning into a film that fits the frame perfectly.
Our “Raw Metal” version features one layer of transparent coating with glossy finishing on the sandblasted surface: welding traces or small irregularities you may find on it are the best testament to our hand-crafted work.
We have envisioned Maestro’s frames as elegant clothes and as such we design them in understated, timeless colours. Accessories (like saddle, bar tape, rims, tyres) in more vibrant colours make them look even more precious. Here you find our colour palette: please bear in mind that colours on screen are electronically generated, so they may differ from real ones, and that colour perception can be heavily influenced by background materials, finishing and light conditions. Where we could not find an exact correspondence between different standards, we have indicated the closest option:




We only make singlespeed bikes, equipped with either coaster brake or flip-flop hubs, so you can choose to go either freewheel or fixed: on flat surfaces – like we have in Milan or you can find in most metropolitan areas worldwide – do you really need gears? At the same time, after seeing some friends in trouble, we equip all our bikes with at least the front brake as we don’t believe anymore it is “so coool” to ride brakeless. And in case you agree with us you should not save on safety, you can always decide to add a rear brake. We use Saccon’s made in Italy dual pivot die-cast alloy brakes and minimalistic alloy levers, featuring a 4-fingers design.
We use a safe sealed cartridge bottom bracket. The cransket is a Driveline TK13P1, designed specifically for fixed gear or single speed bikes and made of cold-forged aluminum: it features a 48 teeth chainwheel and an interchangeable 5-armed spider. The crank arm length is 170mm.
The rear hub can either be flip-flop (18 teeth sprockets, fixed gear or freewheel) or coaster brake (here we use a high quality Shimano CB-E110 model), both 36 holes. This gives you the widest variety of choice for a singlespeed bicycle – up to you to decide! We believe the gear ratio 48/18 is a well balanced choice, giving you good top speed whilst not killing your legs in case of frequent stops-and-starts.
Chainwheel and rear sprockets are all 1/8” width and so is the chain.
We build our wheels with high-profile (30 mm.) aluminum rims and stainless steel spokes. Rims come in a double-walled construction for additional solidity and durability. We either leave them raw (aluminum colour) or spray-coat them.
The front wheel features radial spoking, while the rear wheel always has semi-tangent spoking.
Our road tyres (size 700 x 23c) have a reinforced nylon cords construction for improved durability.
We use a classic 1” aluminum stem on a threaded headset. You can choose between 3 different types of handlebars, in line with your riding style: more relaxed (upside-down North Road, similar to what track riders used to have in the early days), more sporty (drop) or more aggressive (short semi-riser): all of them are alloy-made for maximum resistance and lightness.
San Marco Concor Supercorsa or Brooks B17 Standard stand both for top quality, timeless design and rich materials: should we say more? We also use original San Marco leather bar tapes or handmade padded leather handles to match the saddles colours.
FRAME: hand-brazed, numbered steel tubing with lugs construction; track geometry with straight blades and horizontal dropouts. Sizes: 52, 56, 60
BRAKES: Saccon dual-pivot die-cast alloy brake; Saccon alloy brake lever.
DRIVETRAIN: sealed cartridge bottom bracket; cold forged aluminum 48T chainwheel; bolted 5-arm spider with stack bolts; rear hub: flip-flop or Shimano CB-E110 coaster brake, 18T sprocket
WHEELS: high-profile 30mm double-walled aluminum rims; stainless steel spokes. 36 holes front and rear aluminum hubs. Spoking: radial (front) and semi-tangent (rear);
TYRES: 700 x 23c
SADDLE: Brooks B17 leather saddle or San Marco Concor suede; matching padded leather handles or leather bar tape
HANDLEBARS: North Road (mounted upside-down), drop or semi-riser alloy bars.
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